mooname © VS – Dementia 13

VJ Clip Art : prepare the popcorn…

Welcome in a dark electro travel with a movie editing on a film produce by Corman who offered to Coppola the chance to direct a low-budget horror movie in Ireland with funds left over from Corman’s recently completed by The Young Racers, on which Coppola had worked as a sound technician. The producer wanted a cheap Psycho-copy, complete with gothic atmosphere…

absolute synthesis

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Travel the world in abstract electronica industrial this new adventure will take you to the borders of dark psytrance …
enclose a final mix for this album 🙂

Zen Xenon Space Order

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Last mix for this album release 🙂

one step of world

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darkstep latest mix which will finalize the new album
Finally, if you really like this mix,
I have some experiments to add … is next?