absolute synthesis

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Travel the world in abstract electronica industrial this new adventure will take you to the borders of dark psytrance …
enclose a final mix for this album 🙂

Hollow ride

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a little mix depicting an evolutionary search through the electronica via darkstep and abstract minimal techno,
for now it’s my way 🙂

Second track of the EP : « under realistic pace »

Zen Xenon Space Order

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Last mix for this album release 🙂

one step of world

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darkstep latest mix which will finalize the new album
Finally, if you really like this mix,
I have some experiments to add … is next?

no sphere eat you

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a little mix between abstract electronica and industrial,
by mounting on the cult film by Murnau,
who himself has surely inspired Coppola’s version 🙂

rename the verb

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by a small mixing dub, idm, and all my good wishes for the future human evolution, in the hope that the symbolism of this creation, is transmitted and understood impreter in his right mind, a way to meditate thus, a verb to create the universe 🙂


Vj Clip Art :

creative thinking about a world where the original processes are regarded as marginal and as the film is not what it was …
music and what it should be …
I’ll just quote Godard slightly modifying its terms:

Film is a medium of expression …
when the expression has disappeared …
He stayed the way …

réflexion créative autour d’un monde où les procédés originaux sont considéré comme marginaux et comme le cinéma n’est plus ce qu’il était…
et la musique ce qu’elle devrai être…
je me contenterai de citer Godard en modifiant légèrement ses termes :

Le cinéma est un moyen d’expression…
quand l’expression a disparu…
Il est resté le moyen…

eve reload

VJ Clip Art : a parallel between industrialization and emerging new technological era…