Kami no kaibō-gaku – 神の解剖学

VJ mix Art : literal translation of the title « Anatomy of God »


Hollow ride

Vj clip art :
a little mix depicting an evolutionary search through the electronica via darkstep and abstract minimal techno,
for now it’s my way 🙂

Second track of the EP : « under realistic pace »

shadow low

Vj Clip Art :

dark psytrance mix that travels between the psychedelic and industrial, a simple visual representation of a society based on the safety equipment 🙂

no sphere eat you

Vj Clip Art :
a little mix between abstract electronica and industrial,
by mounting on the cult film by Murnau,
who himself has surely inspired Coppola’s version 🙂

rename the verb

Vj Clip Art :

by a small mixing dub, idm, and all my good wishes for the future human evolution, in the hope that the symbolism of this creation, is transmitted and understood impreter in his right mind, a way to meditate thus, a verb to create the universe 🙂