mooname © vs – The Street Fighter

Vj Clip Art : « à la carte » :

a mix versus The Street Fighter
(激突!殺人拳 Gekitotsu! Satsujin Ken),
literally Clash, Killer Fist!, is a Japanese martial arts film released in 1974 and produced by Toei Company Ltd. It was released in the US by New Line Cinema and became one of the first films to be a commercial success for the distributor…

the Mechanical Man – versus – mooname ©

VJ Retro Clip Art :

I am very honored to present a mixed composition film on a court very rare and innovative for its time (1921) with a structure still used today in futuristic movies:

A scientist builds a robot endowed with superhuman strength. But an evil woman manages to seize criminals to complete projects …

METROPOLIS six years before, the French Henri Andre Augustin Andre Chapais said Deed which makes Italy the first film using a robot as a central character. Wizard of Melies, he is best known as an actor before moving behind the camera. Forgotten, he will end his life as a night watchman at Pathe Studios.

Are known today only fragments of the film (approximately one third) while the rest seem permanently lost. Fortunately, the part is found in the second half and contains important scenes like the confrontation between two robots…

mooname © – vs – flash Gordon : the subworld revenge

Vj Clip Art – au menu :

Welcome in this new mixing cookery which will lead you on a trip along with Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov travel 1500 miles beneath the Earth’s surface to confront the ruler of a subterranean people who are intent on destroying those who live above ground in a movie from serial of 1955…

mooname © VS – Dementia 13

VJ Clip Art : prepare the popcorn…

Welcome in a dark electro travel with a movie editing on a film produce by Corman who offered to Coppola the chance to direct a low-budget horror movie in Ireland with funds left over from Corman’s recently completed by The Young Racers, on which Coppola had worked as a sound technician. The producer wanted a cheap Psycho-copy, complete with gothic atmosphere…

absolute synthesis

Vj Clip Art :

Travel the world in abstract electronica industrial this new adventure will take you to the borders of dark psytrance …
enclose a final mix for this album 🙂

mecha-nicht Kälte

Vj Clip Art :

a little mix electronica through the dark psytrance and darkstep, through an alchemy Electronics via a pun in German which means :
– non-mechanical refrigeration 🙂

icarus fall down

VJ Clip Art:

IDM/electronica mix with inspiration for the dream of Icarus… include a question and if the reality surpassed fiction, freedom you it is up to the dreamer and not dictators, and even if you dream of Icarus finished with his fall, the key is to have everything done to live fully and realize his goal:)

Hollow ride

Vj clip art :
a little mix depicting an evolutionary search through the electronica via darkstep and abstract minimal techno,
for now it’s my way 🙂

Second track of the EP : « under realistic pace »